Society built on Lies – Transcript of the Talk on the Sanctity of Human Life

Realising that we are truly lost in a fog of confusion is the first step to seeking help

Veil of Veronica

Mary Fire

Picture of Church of the Visitation in Westphalia, TX that was totally lost to fire.  I find this picture to be very prophetic.  Our Lady has warned us time and again to turn back to God and of what will happen if we don’t.

I gave a talk at the Carmel Center on the Sanctity of Human Life.  This is a transcript (with a few tweaks) of the talk I gave.  Many of you have heard parts of my story before, but I hope you will still read it as it pertains to the Sanctity of Human Life.  As we live in a world of shootings and murder, now more than ever, we need to recognize that we are the walking wounded, who have believed the accuser, and don’t know how much we are loved by God. God Himself has left us a path to true happiness and joy and…

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Dreams of Purgatory

Remember the dead. You could be their lifeline.

Veil of Veronica

Chapel of Purgatory

All who die in God’s grace, but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven (ccc -1030).

I feel compelled today to tell you of a dream I had a few years back. The reason I feel compelled to tell it is because first, it was so clear to me that purgatory is a real process of purification and second, because the dream was about a Priest and I feel we are at a crossroads. Priests and lay people alike need to decide whose kingdom they are serving.

Of late we have seen many Priests who will not preach the full truth and some who defy it, and some who even defile it.

Priests, in particular, have a greater responsibility to preach the truth because they…

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9th September – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Fr Morty O'Shea

This was my homily for today followed by the gospel passage.

Last Thursday as I was coming back from Sligo, I went in to the Drumcliffe graveyard to visit the resting place of William Butler Yeats. It is a bit on the north side of Sligo. Seeking Our Lady’s intercession, I said a MEMORARE for the repose of his soul. WB Yeats is one of Ireland’s greatest writers and indeed one of world ranking. He died in 1939 to give a sense of his place in history.

Yeats graveWhat many people – including myself – find fascinating about Yeats is his epitaph, the statement written on his headstone: CAST A COLD EYE ON LIFE, ON DEATH. HORSEMAN PASS BY.

Now Yeats was a man of great depth and we could spend all day and all night working out what this means or might mean! But if we take it at face…

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Pro-Choice: Ordered or Disordered Freedom

All Along the Watchtower


It is astonishing to me that people at times say that the restrictions of Catholics is too hard and they do not allow the individual enough freedom in their lives; though it is uncertain as to what this freedom consists.

On a macro level, it is obvious that we all have full access to freedom: Pro-Choice in everything we do. We are totally free, due to God’s gift of freewill, to abide by Him and to submit ourselves to His will or to sin in life. We can and do commit at times the most heinous crimes as is obvious in the present sex scandals in the Catholic Church. What is to stop us? So what you are after, it seems, is not ‘freedom’ to live according to God’s will but to have God change His will so that you can live your life outside of His Holy Will but…

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Why was Pope Francis silent on Ireland voting for abortion?

Catholicism Pure & Simple

May 30, 2018

From LifeSiteNews:

While the world reeled at the alleged comments Pope Francis recently made on homosexuality, it also noticed the pontiff’s deafening silence on Ireland’s now-lost abortion referendum.

Pope Francis allegedly told a male victim of priestly sex abuse that God “made” him gay and that’s “okay,” which made headlines around the world. The Vatican press office wouldn’t confirm or deny the comment.

Many have noted the Catholic Church’s minimal role in the campaign to save the pro-life Eighth Amendment, partly because the homosexual sex abuse crisis was so bad in Ireland that it shattered the Church’s credibility. However, despite the pontiff’s “progressive” reputation, his opinion nevertheless may have been of some help to the pro-life side as it tried to win over voters.

“In 1983, the Catholic hierarchy played no little role in the passing of the Eighth Amendment,” the BBC reports. “However, in the intervening…

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26th May – St Philip Neri.

Fr Morty O'Shea

jesus childrenThe Letter to the Hebrews tells us that God’s Word is alive and active. It is not dead history but a living Word that speaks to our current situation. On the day that Ireland legalised the mass killing of its own pre-born children, the gospel passage speaks about Jesus’ love for little children. He says “Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs”. How this contrasts with what the Irish people voted for yesterday!

Here is the gospel passage followed by commentary from the Irish Bishops’ website.


A reading from the holy Gospel according to  Mark 10:13-16
Anyone who does not welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

People were bringing little children to Jesus, for him to touch them. The disciples turned them away, but when…

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A Lament for Ireland – And us All

Lord have mercy.

A Sign of Hope

By Charlie Johnston

(I wrote this little poem after I heard the decision in Ireland. It is not polished – I completed it in an hour. But it is how I felt and what I hope)

A Lament for Ireland

‘Twas the last wall to fall,

As the earth’s axis shifted,

To the Lord of us all,

And our Mother we call,

That our grief soon be lifted,

With new light we be gifted.

Alas, it is fallen, great Eire,

Death opens its floodgate,

A tsunami of fire,

The dark hour of the liar,

Love overtaken by hate,

Life consumed by the state.

How much longer, Oh Lord,

Must we labor in vain,

Till you send out your sword,

And exhaust this discord,

Babes dying in pain,

Our world gone insane.

The satan, he chortles,

With malevolent glee,

Watching from his dark portal,

As we spurn what’s immortal,

Yielding to…

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Ireland and Life

The nub of the matter…


Tomorrow the people of Ireland will go to the polls. They will decide whether to repeal the 8th Amendment to their Constitution. That amendment states the following, “acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

As you all know, I couldn’t agree more with it, and I will consider it a travesty if they repeal such a common sense provision. But they might, hedonism runs strong, these days. Something Timothy M. Jackson wrote in The Federalist yesterday resonates strongly with me.

Start with any blatantly obvious premise that is grounded in a basic moral principle for producing a good and just society, and you will find that, according to the pro-choice proponent, abortion is the sole exception to all…

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