23rd September – Ss Eunan & Padre Pio

Fr Morty O'Shea

Today in the Raphoe Diocese we celebrate the feast of our patron St Eunan, an abbot ofour lady queen of peace the 7th century. It is also the memorial of Padre Pio or St Pio of Pietrelcina. On the night of his death, he was accompanied by a brother friar – it is a wonderful tradition to keep watch with our departing loved ones, even it is means losing a night’s sleep! Padre kept talking about his mother who was present in the room. The friar taught he was speaking about his natural mother, whose photo was on the wall. Padre said, no, not her, my other mother. He was of course speaking about Our Lady. For somebody who had said the HAIL MARY (and indeed the Rosary) so many times in his life, it is no surprise that she directly fulfilled the request: Pray for us sinners now and at the hour…

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Hey WordPress, We are Humans

God is in your typewriter

In contemplating the death of my blogging friend Susan Irene Fox, I reached out to WordPress in my grief. I had wondered if there was a memorial page or a way to commemorate my dear friend, so bloggers could gather in a single WordPress location to mourn her. A WordPress “Happiness Engineer” reached out to me with this email:

Hi Melissa, I’m sorry to hear of the news of your friend.

While I don’t have the ability to post using the WordPress.com account, I can suggest that you continue to share your beautifuly written post https://godisinyourtypewriter.com/2017/08/17/to-susan-i-miss-you/

Keep sharing the message.

Once again, very sorry to hear of the tragic news.

Although I appreciated his response, I felt Susan was owed more than a sorry for your loss but I cannot help you. People deserve more than that, especially Susan.

All of us out here felt some kind of…

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How long?

RIP Susan Irene

Susan Irene Fox

The murder victims cried out in a great, singular voice: How much longer, O Lord, the holy One, the true One, until You pronounce judgment on the inhabitants of the earth? Until You avenge our blood?” (Revelation 6:10)

I am more valuable than a flock of sparrows.*

I am more valuable than a pride of lions.

I am more valuable than a handful of sand.

I am more valuable than a bouquet of flowers.

I am more valuable than a constellation of stars.

I am a human being, just like you.

I have red blood in my veins, just like you.

I have sons and daughters, just like you.

I have moral beliefs and family values, just like you.

I seek truth and justice, just like you.


How much persecution is too much?

How much racism is too much?

How much injustice is too much?

How much murder is…

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5th September – St Teresa of Calcutta

Fr Morty O'Shea

Today is the memorial of St Teresa of Calcutta – even though it is not listed as an official one yet. Back in the mid 1980s I was given a tract with her spirituality which is based on one of the Seven Last Words from the Cross: I THIRST. It struck me as a most inspired piece of writing. I have often joked that if the Pope called me up one day requesting a suggestion for adding something to add to the Bible, I would recommend this! Over the years I have copied and distributed many thousands of these tracts – for parishioners, random strangers that I meet, etc.

This is the content of the tract.

I Thirst

“Behold I stand at the door and knock …” (Rev. 3.20)

It is true, I stand at the door of your heart, day and night.   Even when you are not listening, even when you…

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The Call to Motherhood


God is in your typewriter

“Concerning times and seasons, brothers, you have no need for anything to be written to you.”

1 Thessalonians 5:1 NABRE

You don’t have to be a bible scholar to figure out that God is real. In fact, you don’t even have to read the bible at all.  It is one of the many tools that God uses to get our attention, but He won’t punish you for not “putting in” your time. I am sure that in the first three sentences of this post I have inflamed some. But for those that claim that certain sects or denominations of Christianity are “legalistic,” it is just as legalistic and stifling to stuff God into a book and shut your eyes to everything else that He is. We become closed-minded, feeble attempted mothers and fathers, singles and religious when we ignore the sound of God’s Holy voice to bow down to a…

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Mary’s Favorite Rosary!

Mary's Secretary

The first time I prayed the Seven Sorrows Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I was in the very heart of where Mary appeared in the 1980’s- Rwanda, Africa. It was there, that the seed was cultivated in my heart to pray this rosary for the rest of my life. I want others to share in this sweetness given to us from heaven! Mary appeared to three children in a small obscure villiage called Kibeho, not only to warn the children about the horror of sin, but to give a remedy to them for the world. Part of that remedy, was the Seven Sorrows Rosary.

Rwanda Mission Trip (2014) -arriving in Kibeho where Mary appeared!

This devotion isn’t new, it has been around almost as long as the original rosary Mary gifted to Saint Dominic. Why am I convinced that this rosary is Mary’s favorite? Three reasons. Mary appeared, to…

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30th August

Who would Jesus shoot?

Fr Morty O'Shea

Earlier this week I had some visitors from Athy, Co Kildare where I served previously. Here is myself and Maura Tynan at Malin Head, the northern most part of Ireland. In the second photo Elaine Foley joins us outside the Dunfanaghy Workhouse which catered to the destitute during and after the Great Famine.



A few mornings ago I was upset and frustrated in equal measure by an article in the Irish Catholic which showed how the Church gave implicit approval to and even glorified participation in World War I. Click on this link to download and view the article.  It didn’t matter at all that Pope Benedict XV condemned it as an unjust war – see article below. No reference was made to Jesus’ teachings and revelation of God’s Will in the New Testament: “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” (Matt 19:18); “You have heard that…

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