Wild Orchids in the Borderlands

The Next Right Step

Young Terry knighting Fraternus Terry Rumore Jr. knighting a Fraternus brother at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Birmingham, Alabama

By Charlie Johnston

It has been a vigorously busy time in the Southeastern United States these last few weeks after my son’s wedding. Things are getting darker around the world, but there are more than a few wild roses and orchids to be found on the borderlands of the looming chaos. I thought I would share a few stories of them with you today.

Fraternus is a fully Catholic response to the need to inculcate the manly virtues into young men and boys. With the collapse of the Boy Scouts into the fetid swamps of homosexual and transgender activism, it is desperately needed – and growing by leaps and bounds. Fraternus uses many of the classic techniques the Boy Scouts once used to develop virtues such as chastity, chivalry, honor, duty and initiative in young men.

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