Fatima and Fr. Dollinger: A Response

Kevin J. Symonds

I read with interest the recent article on One Peter Five about a phone conversation between Dr. Maike Hickson and Fr. Dollinger on Sr. Lúcia, the Second Vatican Council and the third part of the secret of Fátima. Hickson states that Fr. Dollinger, a friend of Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI, was told by Benedict that there was more to said part of the secret that the Vatican has not published. Allegedly, the “unpublished” part talks about a “bad Council” and a “bad liturgy.”

Having studied Fátima over the years, this topic is of much interest to me and I would like to write about some things that are perplexing from Fr. Dollinger’s claim.

To begin, it must first be stated that there is no novelty in Fr. Dollinger’s claim. As was noted by Dr. Hickson in her article, his claim has been available to an English-speaking audience for several years…

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