Rules of Regency – Part I

The Next Right Step

Deep-Space-WallpaperBy Charlie Johnston

In days gone by, when a sovereign King was either too young or too ill to carry out his duties, a Regent was often appointed to rule in his place until he was old enough or well enough to do so, himself. In the US, the people are supposed to be sovereign, acting through a representative democracy under the rule of law. That system, though not dead, is on life support. The rule of law is in tatters.

Back in 2007 I was ordered to contemplate what a world in tatters would look like, a world where all our institutions had collapsed catastrophically – and develop a plan to get a shattered people back on its feet, filled with enough confidence and trust to confront the great challenges of the latter part of the Storm. It was to be comprehensive, covering as many eventualities as I could…

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