Confusion Rises

The Next Right Step

fr. jacques hamelFr. Jacques Hamel, the French Priest murdered by ISIS operatives this week

By Charlie Johnston

Yesterday, ISIS operatives murdered French Priest Jacques Hamel while he was saying Mass and critically injured a nun before being taken down by French police. In the last week, Jihadists have mounted five attacks in Germany. ISIS mounted a mass murder attack in Afghanistan that killed 61 people.

Pope Francis said today that the world is at war, a welcome acknowledgement of reality that the American White House steadfastly denies. But then the Pope went on to say that it is a war of interests, of money and domination, that has nothing to do with religion – because religions don’t want war. It made me thankful that Popes are NOT authoritative on matters of economics, political philosophy, diplomacy or military matters – because this Pope does not seem even reasonably well informed on such…

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