Christianity and the value of life

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Our friend Steve made an excellent comment on yesterday’s post:

Aside from religion are there grounds to value another person for anything other than utilitarian reasons? Reason can construct all sorts of arguments in favour of humans living cooperatively because this produces good outcomes for individuals and their children. Where cooperative endeavour is unproductive of such benefits, as in the case of, say, disabled babies, then are there any purely reasonable grounds to continue with such endeavours?

That is a good question. If we take a ‘survival of the fittest’ line, then anything, or anyone, who is unproductive to the survival of the tribe should be jettisoned; food is always at a premium, why have useless mouths around consuming it and giving back nothing in return?

Christians have not always lived up to Christ’s teaching, but they believe that each human life has a unique value, and that Christ died…

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Summer Tour Part 1: From Amherst to Vancouver (and some poems!)

Malcolm Guite

Outside Emily's House in Amherst Outside Emily’s House in Amherst

I’m just back from an exhausting, but stimulating, expedition to North America in which I travelled from Boston to Vancouver, from Seattle to Albuquerque, from Santa Fe to LA and then home, so I thought I’d share a little of my adventures on the way.

The adventures began flying in to Boston so as to speak at the CS Lewis Foundation‘s Eastern Regional conference in Amherst. The Conference was on the theme of Lewis and Truth in the Public square and I gave a keynote address, preached a sermon on the Sunday and led a seminar on poetry as well as giving a reading/performance of my songs and sonnets. There was an impressive mix of people from many walks of life and many different churches all drawn by the common strand of Lewis’s Mere Christianity, and the sense that his plea for the Faith…

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On being a Christian

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We have, here, I am glad to say, long moved on from the sectarian arguments about who is and who is not a Christian. It has always seemed to me the most pointless of arguments. When I was young most people where I lived went to church. We went to the Church of England because that was what what we did on Sundays. Did we go because of a burning belief in Christ? If we did, then as English people are wont to, we hid it awfully well. ‘Enthusiasm’ was something best left to the Nonconformists whose tendency to get emotional was a cause of some embarrassment. Perhaps we should have been embarrassed by our lack of enthusiasm? Were we ‘Christians’? We thought ourselves so, but being English, we would have thought it ‘bad form’ to have gone on about it.

Now, when I leave for Mass there are not many…

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Purity and the Domestic Church

The Next Right Step

guardian angel with children on bridge_ storm_ antique postcard German(I have added our regular commenter, Michael Patrick’s marvelous website, ‘Sweetwater Haven’ to the links under my favorite spiritual sites and the Surrender Novena, one of the best ever, to the Devotions links.

Susan Skinner writes the elegant Veil of Veronica site. She lives in Tennessee. Both she and her Priest have become trusted friends. Susan has genuine expertise in Christian sexual education, so I asked her to put together a piece here on the subject in light of the Vatican’s controversial new program.-CJ)

By Susan Skinner

Charlie asked me to write up a piece on the Vatican Sex Education program.  He told me that I had some genuine expertise in this area.  I do not feel that I do.  In fact I feel wholly inept, except in one area and that one area is Motherhood.   As the Mother of  three  young children my husband and I are daily battling…

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Crosses in the Year of Mercy

The Next Right Step

divine_mercy_cross_10_in__59643_zoom(I am criss-crossing between a Conference and another Prayer Meeting this weekend. Those of you who have complained that I am overdue for the second installment of the Rules of Regency are now completely right. I get home late tomorrow afternoon. If I am worn out, I won’t put it up tomorrow. But Job One on Monday will be to get that up. Except for attending morning Mass, I will do nothing else before I have finished and posted that piece.

In the comments section, I have started getting some notes from Islamic apologists, explaining that Islam is a religion of peace and there is no violence in it. I have deleted them thus far. If you want to make a case on how Jihadists are mutilating Islam, I will be glad to print it. Even better, if you decide to offer real discussion of how to stop the violence…

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The Fog of War and a Papal Field Hospital

The Next Right Step

3_popes, faith hope and love(As I get back to work focusing here, I am worried that we are spending way too much time finding things to deplore and getting the vapors over everything the Pope says. If we are reduced to defining ourselves almost exclusively by what we are against rather than by what we are for, we cede a big battle to the devil and go more easily into despair. If we treat debatable comments by the Pope as if they are fearful pronouncements, we could spend all our time in panic. I have been contemplating since the weekend. I have a post going up on it tonight, but our regular commenter, James I McAuley wrote a nice piece that I think is a good lead-in.-CJ)

By James I McAuley, Esq.

Throughout the internet there is an angst, unease with the pronouncement of Pope Francis, especially those that are off the cuff or given…

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