The Fog of War and a Papal Field Hospital

The Next Right Step

3_popes, faith hope and love(As I get back to work focusing here, I am worried that we are spending way too much time finding things to deplore and getting the vapors over everything the Pope says. If we are reduced to defining ourselves almost exclusively by what we are against rather than by what we are for, we cede a big battle to the devil and go more easily into despair. If we treat debatable comments by the Pope as if they are fearful pronouncements, we could spend all our time in panic. I have been contemplating since the weekend. I have a post going up on it tonight, but our regular commenter, James I McAuley wrote a nice piece that I think is a good lead-in.-CJ)

By James I McAuley, Esq.

Throughout the internet there is an angst, unease with the pronouncement of Pope Francis, especially those that are off the cuff or given…

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