Purity and the Domestic Church

The Next Right Step

guardian angel with children on bridge_ storm_ antique postcard German(I have added our regular commenter, Michael Patrick’s marvelous website, ‘Sweetwater Haven’ to the links under my favorite spiritual sites and the Surrender Novena, one of the best ever, to the Devotions links.

Susan Skinner writes the elegant Veil of Veronica site. She lives in Tennessee. Both she and her Priest have become trusted friends. Susan has genuine expertise in Christian sexual education, so I asked her to put together a piece here on the subject in light of the Vatican’s controversial new program.-CJ)

By Susan Skinner

Charlie asked me to write up a piece on the Vatican Sex Education program.  He told me that I had some genuine expertise in this area.  I do not feel that I do.  In fact I feel wholly inept, except in one area and that one area is Motherhood.   As the Mother of  three  young children my husband and I are daily battling…

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