On being a Christian

All Along the Watchtower


We have, here, I am glad to say, long moved on from the sectarian arguments about who is and who is not a Christian. It has always seemed to me the most pointless of arguments. When I was young most people where I lived went to church. We went to the Church of England because that was what what we did on Sundays. Did we go because of a burning belief in Christ? If we did, then as English people are wont to, we hid it awfully well. ‘Enthusiasm’ was something best left to the Nonconformists whose tendency to get emotional was a cause of some embarrassment. Perhaps we should have been embarrassed by our lack of enthusiasm? Were we ‘Christians’? We thought ourselves so, but being English, we would have thought it ‘bad form’ to have gone on about it.

Now, when I leave for Mass there are not many…

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