Christianity and the value of life

All Along the Watchtower


Our friend Steve made an excellent comment on yesterday’s post:

Aside from religion are there grounds to value another person for anything other than utilitarian reasons? Reason can construct all sorts of arguments in favour of humans living cooperatively because this produces good outcomes for individuals and their children. Where cooperative endeavour is unproductive of such benefits, as in the case of, say, disabled babies, then are there any purely reasonable grounds to continue with such endeavours?

That is a good question. If we take a ‘survival of the fittest’ line, then anything, or anyone, who is unproductive to the survival of the tribe should be jettisoned; food is always at a premium, why have useless mouths around consuming it and giving back nothing in return?

Christians have not always lived up to Christ’s teaching, but they believe that each human life has a unique value, and that Christ died…

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