Getting it “Right”

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Back in the day, at the beginnings of my ministry life, but far enough along where I’d begun to question my own “omniscience”, I was privileged to intern under a very gifted teacher. I was quite driven, quite passionate, to “get it all right”. I wanted to be perfect, to make no mistakes, to minister the “right” way, with the touch, finesse, and wisdom I saw among so many of my elders.

(Been there? Remember those days?)

From time to time, more frequently than I care to remember, I fell short of this self-imposed standard. I came away from an encounter realizing that while it was “mostly right”, it “could have been better”. One or another place there had been a lack of grace, an injection of ego, or impatience, or my own content and wisdom rather than inspiration. These places would highlight in aftermoments, like “worn spots” or “scuffs”…

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The Long Reach of Saul Alinsky

Take 2

On Wednesday evening, EWTN debuted a docu-drama titled, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” It was about Saul Alinsky, a self-made radical and “community organizer.” His socialist influence took root in Chicago and has spread far and wide, to the point where many American politicians – and even some in the Church – have embraced and implemented his views. Fr. Mitch Pacwa joins Jerry and Debbie to unpack the views of this man and his far-flung influence. Don’t miss it!


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Admitting you’re wrong

All Along the Watchtower

Darkened mind

I have long admired Tom Holland’s writing, and following his Twitter feed is pleasure, but my regard for him has gone up even further as a result of reading his piece in the latest New Satesman – entitled Why I was wrong about ChristianityNow it is a rare enough thing to find anyone admitting they are wrong about anything, and it is rarer still to find the old ‘Staggers’ running a piece favourable to Christianity: so to find both together is a red letter day. Holland’s experience as he describes it, it not, I suspect atypical. Knowing little of the faith save what was floating around in the culture (which was not a lot) he found the arguments of Gibbon and the Enlightenment seers convincing enough:

I was more than ready to accept their interpretation of history: that the triumph of Christianity had ushered in an “age of…

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St. Teresa of Calcutta

Blessed are ye poor, the kingdom of Heaven is yours..


Via Victory Girls Blog

And so the Catholic Church last Sunday recognized St. Teresa of Calcutta as a saint. It was pretty obvious even during her lifetime here on earth, but even in the church bureaucrats gotta bureaucrat. It’s always been so, in fact, that how organizations stay on track, so I’m mostly kidding here.

But she wasn’t. Working with and for the poorest of one the world’s poorest cities, she accomplished miracles, showing their plight to the rich and the powerful.

But her work for the powerless went well beyond the precincts of Calcutta. Her most powerless client was always the unborn, who she worked incessantly to save.

How remarkable it was to hear this small woman at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994

By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems. And, by abortion, that father is told…

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St Teresa of Calcutta

God of Mercies, thank you for revealing yourself to us through the witness of St Mother Teresa of Calcutta

All Along the Watchtower


As Christ’s kingdom is not of this world then we should not be surprised that the world holds confused ideas about our newest saint – Mother Teresa. Anyone who starts off writing about her as a ‘brand’ reveals both his hand, and his inadequacy for the task he has been set. Her views were, we are told ‘unpalatable’. Good. Had she advocated abortion on demand, euthanasia and the abolition of religion, the world would have praised her ‘palatable’ views: the culture of death does not like to be reminded that, historically, it is its views which are ‘unpalatable’; still, its advocates are dying out, and unless it can make fresh converts, eventually it will achieve its existential aim – it will cease to exist.

The cynic sees in her fame a marketing exercise. This is the same mindset that sees ‘Brexiteers’ as people not fit to be trusted with a…

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