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Ask and you shall receive..

The Next Right Step

I had a wonderful visit in Portland. One of the key organizers was Sr. Marie Ursula, who comments here regularly. In my mind, I had pictured her as something like Mother Maria in “Lilies of the Field.” In reality, she is lively, fairly young, with a spritely sense of humor but with kind of a pioneer touch…kind of a “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” To my delight, people commonly call her Sr. Bear – which somehow fits perfectly. She has a twin sister called Bird. We sang a haqrmonized rendition of “God Bless America” after the presentation Tuesday.

I will be speaking in Billings, Montana tomorrow night. Details are below, followed by a reprise of my piece, “Into the Whirlwind.” I have had a bunch of people tell me how much that meant to them – and several Priests tell me they think it the best commentary on the Book of…

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