St Teresa of Calcutta

God of Mercies, thank you for revealing yourself to us through the witness of St Mother Teresa of Calcutta

All Along the Watchtower


As Christ’s kingdom is not of this world then we should not be surprised that the world holds confused ideas about our newest saint – Mother Teresa. Anyone who starts off writing about her as a ‘brand’ reveals both his hand, and his inadequacy for the task he has been set. Her views were, we are told ‘unpalatable’. Good. Had she advocated abortion on demand, euthanasia and the abolition of religion, the world would have praised her ‘palatable’ views: the culture of death does not like to be reminded that, historically, it is its views which are ‘unpalatable’; still, its advocates are dying out, and unless it can make fresh converts, eventually it will achieve its existential aim – it will cease to exist.

The cynic sees in her fame a marketing exercise. This is the same mindset that sees ‘Brexiteers’ as people not fit to be trusted with a…

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