Rules of Regency – Part III

The Next Right Step

Earth - Beautiful HorizonsBy Charlie Johnston

Okay folks, here we go. I suspect the final installment is not going to be quite as dramatic as anticipation would make it out to be, but here it is. I planned to get this up last night, thinking I had a free day. But I had two events – both great events, I might add – that I had not anticipated, so it had to wait for this morning.

To get the full flavor, you might want to read the first installment of the Rules of Regency and then the second before reading this one.



Primary responsibility for and authority over a child’s education resides with the parents. States may demand compulsory education of the young, but if they do so they must provide for it in the form of vouchers that the parents may use in any school of their choice. The vouchers…

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