Comfort Through the Storm

The Next Right Step

cross-shelterBy Charlie Johnston

I first became aware of Dr. Peter Howard earlier this year when I read a piece on “Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Renaissance of Civilization” which he had published at It was the finest short piece on the subject I had ever read – and so howard-heroic-familiesI reprinted it here – and today reprint a piece he wrote on “Mary and the New Times of Noah” at the bottom of this piece. This spring I spoke at a retreat in Danville, Illinois with him and we got to know each other face to face.

Howard is a scholar both on Our Lady of Guadalupe, also known as Our Lady of Tepeyac, and on the late Bishop Fulton Sheen. In the last year he, with the support and help of his family, have launched the project, Heroic Families, dedicated to consecrating families to the Immaculate…

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