A Meditation on Joseph

The Next Right Step

I repeat today a piece I put up a little over a year ago. It has been calling to me for repeat. It has been a busy week or so in Iowa and now in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I have been thinking a lot about contemplation the last few weeks. I often don’t answer direct questions here. We are too superficial in our thinking these days. We think if we just got more

green-bay-lambeau-field In front of Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I had deep-fried cheese curds at the restaurant inside and got my Dad a Bart Starr jersey – the football hero of his younger days.

information, we would understand. A small child is focused on his own wants and appetites and often has trouble seeing beyond that. As he gets older, if his formation is healthy, he looks beyond himself more – because he contemplates more what he…

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Reconciliation in the Family of God

The Next Right Step

By Charlie Johnston

A brief note today. After several years of strife and divisions in families, I ask you to dedicate this Christian Holiday Season to reaching out to family members who you are alienated from. We have much to face in the next year or so, but I believe God would like to hearten you by binding up these wounds. If you are rejected, offer up prayers and penance. If your extended hand is met with consideration, even though it be tentative, insist only that your conscience be respected as you respect the conscience of the alienated family member. Share the old joys while letting the old wounds go. Let this be a true season of reconciliation, a season of miracles to hearten us all for the trials before us.

I will be in Wisconsin this week, with a talk in the Green Bay Area Thursday night and another…

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Democracy in action

All Along the Watchtower


Protesting against the result of a general election is something many of us have wanted to do. In 1997 I was utterly sure that Blair was a fraud and that his internationalist instincts would cause trouble. Gordon Brown stopped him taking the UK into the Euro, but no one stopped him backing a disastrous invasion of Iraq. That did not stop the country electing him twice more; now, many of those who voted for him thrice share the doubts I had in 1997. That gives me the right to say ‘told you so’ – but it did not give me the right in 1997 to set fire to anything, break windows or otherwise express my crossness that the electorate had been duped; but then I am a conservative and a pragmatist. So now, when I see people in the USA protesting, I ask myself what they hope to achieve? They…

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This is Not the End

The Next Right Step

contemplate-crossBy Charlie Johnston

Many alleged mystics in these times posit that we have entered the sequence of the end. Not the “end times,” which, theologically, we entered into at the Resurrection of Christ. Rather, the actual end. Almost all Protestants who speak of such things see it that way – and quite a few of the Catholics, as well.

As regular readers know, I most emphatically reject that. I have to. From the time I was just a little kid, my angel emphatically told me that these times would feel like the end, but were NOT the end. Rather, he insisted, that God, in His permissive will, would let us see and live some of the consequences of our vanity and disorder (the Storm), in order to call us back to Him and give us one final chance. That means that, after the Rescue (the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart)…

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