This is Not the End

The Next Right Step

contemplate-crossBy Charlie Johnston

Many alleged mystics in these times posit that we have entered the sequence of the end. Not the “end times,” which, theologically, we entered into at the Resurrection of Christ. Rather, the actual end. Almost all Protestants who speak of such things see it that way – and quite a few of the Catholics, as well.

As regular readers know, I most emphatically reject that. I have to. From the time I was just a little kid, my angel emphatically told me that these times would feel like the end, but were NOT the end. Rather, he insisted, that God, in His permissive will, would let us see and live some of the consequences of our vanity and disorder (the Storm), in order to call us back to Him and give us one final chance. That means that, after the Rescue (the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart)…

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