Egypt’s President Says Church Attack Was a Suicide Bombing – ABC News

All Along the Watchtower

cairoczyzmoqwqaaisafChalcedon put it quite plainly in his The persecution continues. He also gave us the background of the situation. Without denigration, because how we got here is always relevant, that’s all well and good. But where is this likely to go? ABC (The American one) reports thusly:

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said Monday that a suicide bomber caused the blast that killed 24 Christians during Sunday Mass at a Cairo chapel adjacent to St. Mark’s Cathedral, the seat of Egypt’s ancient Coptic Orthodox Church.

It was among the deadliest attacks to ever target Egypt’s Coptic minority, which makes up around 10 percent of the country’s population and strongly supported the military overthrow of an elected Islamist president in 2013, which was led by el-Sissi.

Rather trite, in my opinion, to blame the victims, still again, in a conflict which has been going since the eighth century. But that’s the news media…

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