In thy dark streets shineth

All Along the Watchtower

Light of Life Image

We all, I suspect, have our own favourite Christmas hymn. I can never hear ‘O Little town of Bethlehem’ without a tear coming to my eye. It captures something of the wonder of the event we are celebrating. Into a perfectly ordinary scene comes something – and someone – extraordinary. It is hard, in our urbanised, Western society, to imagine the darkness of an unlit street, but if you have an idea of it in your imagination, that, too, captures the vivid contrast between the darkness and the light. It is an image that always has relevance in this fallen world, but perhaps more so than usual in a year which has seen so much hardship for so many. There are times the darkness overwhelms us. There is, in all of us, a little of the Whig historian – that is the expectation that on the whole things get better…

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