4th of Epiphany; the miracle at Cana

Water and wine…

Malcolm Guite

Photo by Margot Krebs Neale

The set readings for this Fourth Sunday of Epiphany tell the story of  ‘the first of the signs that Jesus did and manifested forth his glory’; the transformation of water into wine at the wedding at Cana. (John 2:1-11). I love this miracle, though John doesn’t call it a miracle, he rightly calls it a sign. It is a sign that points to so many profound and liberating things about the God whom Jesus reveals to us; His delight in and concern for our own personal life and loves, attested by His presence at the wedding feast, His abundant generosity in more than meeting our needs in the midst of everyday life, His call to us to move from the mere outward purity, symbolised by the water for ritual washing, to a transformation of inward joy, symbolised by the wine. But most importantly,  this sign…

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Obama’s Legacy Of Deceit

Obama’s legacy of deceit…


obama-fail4It’s been quite a while since we featured Victor Davis Hanson, no good reason for it, it simply hasn’t happened. But he wrote one of the best articles on why Obama’s legacy is so tainted with most of us. Here’s some

In its remaining days in power, the Obama administration suddenly punished Vladimir Putin’s Russia for allegedly interfering in the U.S. presidential election. It claimed that Russian or Russian-hired hackers tapped into the records of the Democratic National Committee as well as the correspondence of John Podesta, a Clinton advisor.

But what the Obama administration did not say was that such cyber-crimes are by now old hat. Both the Russian and Chinese governments have been hacking into far more important U.S. records and government archives for years without earning retaliation

The administration also did not mention that the election hacking occurred largely because of Podesta’s own carelessness in using his…

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Entering the Danger Zone

Entering the Danger Zone…countdown begins…

The Next Right Step

massacre-of-the-innocentsBy Charlie Johnston

Over the last few weeks there has been much speculation over the possibility that I might be objectively wrong about the peaceful transfer of power. That is well and proper, since the key to everything is to take the next right step in each moment, whatever happens. People are preparing themselves for that. But I want to warn you, take care that you not go into panic if a mighty convulsion proves me objectively right. I consider that the most likely eventuality.

Late last summer I was surprised when U.S. national intelligence warned it was wary of Russian attempts to hack electoral machinery. It surprised me because the Obama administration has been notably indifferent to cyber-security throughout his term. The hacking of personal information of some 21 million Americans earlier last summer was met with little more than a yawn, the same treatment every other cyber breach of sensitive national…

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Prelude From the Top

…for the times, they are a changing…

The Next Right Step

By Charlie Johnston

Beckita suggested that the piece below, from almost two and a half years ago, is a perfect companion piece to my most recent post, “A Decisive Conundrum.” After re-reading it, I heartily concur.

Despite the dust that last piece kicked up, I felt a great relief after finishing and publishing it. I have now completely fulfilled my duty to you prior to complete crash. If you contemplate what I have written – reading it for what it is rather than imposing your own expectations on top of it – you will be well prepared for the fullest fury the Storm has to bring. I will continue to write about important subjects until the crash, but the substance of what you need to know to be spiritually prepared for that period is now complete.

What The Next Right Step Really Means



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