Entering the Danger Zone

Entering the Danger Zone…countdown begins…

The Next Right Step

massacre-of-the-innocentsBy Charlie Johnston

Over the last few weeks there has been much speculation over the possibility that I might be objectively wrong about the peaceful transfer of power. That is well and proper, since the key to everything is to take the next right step in each moment, whatever happens. People are preparing themselves for that. But I want to warn you, take care that you not go into panic if a mighty convulsion proves me objectively right. I consider that the most likely eventuality.

Late last summer I was surprised when U.S. national intelligence warned it was wary of Russian attempts to hack electoral machinery. It surprised me because the Obama administration has been notably indifferent to cyber-security throughout his term. The hacking of personal information of some 21 million Americans earlier last summer was met with little more than a yawn, the same treatment every other cyber breach of sensitive national…

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