When I Pray

Susan Irene Fox

(c) Christina Arsenis

When you pray, go to your room and close the door. Pray privately to your Father who is with you. Your Father sees what you do in private. He will reward you. (Matthew 6:6)

I most often pray in private these days. I used to pray out loud for my group in Bible Study. I prayed during praise and worship time in Church. But neither of those was as meaningful as when I prayed alone, in solitude with God.

Now, I continue to pray in solitude because I know He listens. I feel His presence. I am a recipient of His amazing grace and unconditional love.

Many of my prayers are answered, small and large. When they are not, I wait; I understand the “Not now,” response. And if God’s answer is, “No,” I regroup, seek the lesson therein and move on. Some “No”s are more difficult…

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