What is Truth

A Sign of Hope

Our Lady in the Moonlight Our Lady of the Rockies – Butte, Montana

By Charlie Johnston

It has been a challenging week. Last Sunday I had one of my periodic neurological episodes. When it happens, my mind gets fuzzy, my head gets sweaty, the pain spikes terribly, and I get nauseous. Not pleasant, but I was about two months overdue – and I kind of look forward to it, for if I stay quiet, it seems to reset me to renewed vigor within a week. Beyond that, the news of the last week kept me poised between baffled wonder and furious anger. Best to get a little perspective when such fundamental things are taking place and being revealed.

We seem poised at the edge of a fulcrum. For all my seasoned analytical acuity I remain, at heart, a somewhat naïve optimist. That is why the events of the last week shocked me to my core.

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