9th September – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Fr Morty O'Shea

This was my homily for today followed by the gospel passage.

Last Thursday as I was coming back from Sligo, I went in to the Drumcliffe graveyard to visit the resting place of William Butler Yeats. It is a bit on the north side of Sligo. Seeking Our Lady’s intercession, I said a MEMORARE for the repose of his soul. WB Yeats is one of Ireland’s greatest writers and indeed one of world ranking. He died in 1939 to give a sense of his place in history.

Yeats graveWhat many people – including myself – find fascinating about Yeats is his epitaph, the statement written on his headstone: CAST A COLD EYE ON LIFE, ON DEATH. HORSEMAN PASS BY.

Now Yeats was a man of great depth and we could spend all day and all night working out what this means or might mean! But if we take it at face…

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