Why Ad Orientem is Anathema to So Many

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It is still mind blowing to see the continuing reaction to Cardinal Robert Sarah’s call for more ad orientem masses. As I have chronicled previously, the swift response from the Vatican to the Cardinal’s address at Sacra Liturgia U.K. was enough to make your head spin. In an era of conflicting ecclesial conferences, ambiguous footnotes, and “go make a mess” Catholicism, it would appear that right worship and traditional orientation might be the only exception to the rule.

The real question we need to ask is this: Why are so many bishops opposed to masses being offered ad orientem?

The answer may be as simple as this: Pride.

That’s it. Pride. That foundation of all sins. It caused the fall of the angel Lucifer. It lead to the fall of Adam. And it’s been the cause of the widespread collapse of the faith in the post-conciliar years.

Offering the…

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1 thought on “Why Ad Orientem is Anathema to So Many

  1. Can’t say I disagree. Odd isn’t it that they oppose traditional worship as being “exclusionary” and yet they hypocritically exclude only the traditional worship. One Eastern Catholic deacon I know was telling me the other day that perhaps we will all wake up and realise this is all a dream and Cardinal Sarah is actually the Pope and Pope “Commie” is back in Argentina still known as “Bergoglio”.

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